Counseling with Michael

A Licensed Intuitive Counselor with 40 Years of Psychology/Psychic Training and Experience

Hello and welcome!

I am a counselor with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and extensive training as a licensed psychic minister.  With this dual background in psychology and spirituality, I offer individual counseling, intuitive readings, and monthly educational group events. 

My greatest joy and inspiration is to provide support for “sensitive souls” — those of us who wish to release old traumas, negative energies, and limiting belief systems — to become more healthy and alive, and manifest more fully who we are truly meant to be in this life.

As a sensitive person, you may be much more sensitive to — and affected by — the energies and people around you, than the average person.  This can both be a blessing, and at other times feel like a great challenge.

Have you noticed that it is getting a little bit crazy out there?  Life can be challenging!  My mission is to help you find your own answers – your own power, your own energy, your own health and aliveness, your own path and satisfaction with life.

May you, and everyone, be blessed.

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