Heal the spirit, and the spirit will heal the body!

Rt. Reverend Louis S. Bostwick, founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and Church of Divine Man

About Rev Hilary

Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing with Hilary von Haunalter

Hilary believes we are all amazing, unique aspects of the Divine. Sometimes our ability to see this becomes obscured by confusion, doubt, limiting beliefs, and a strong sensitivity to other energies. 

By gently mirroring the essence of your being, Hilary’s goal is to support you in returning home to the beauty and truth of who you are.


Hilary offers intuitive readings, combined with spiritual counseling and/or energy healing. Additionally, she provides grounding and energy awareness tools to assist you in developing more presence in your body.  For women, Hilary offers tools and communication to assist you in more deeply embodying and cherishing your unique female energy.

What to expect:

While all sessions are unique, they typically begin with Hilary first connecting clairvoyantly with your spirit to discover the main themes in your current growth. Any questions or concerns you have can be shared and from this point, the session is interactive, with a combination of intuitive reading and space for you to experience your own answers and share them. The focus is on allowing your spirit and Hilary’s to co-create and guide the reading to a place of clarity, peace and truth.

Readings can be done in person, via Zoom or over the phone.  A sliding scale is available.


A reading with Hilary can help when you have specific questions or issues … and also when you are feeling troubled, stuck, or uncertain about your life choices. 

By shining a light on the roots of any distress or “dis-ease” you might be facing, Hilary’s intention is to lovingly and compassionately assist you in seeing emotional blocks you are ready to release, as well as the ways in which your beliefs about yourself and your view on realty may be affecting or creating the challenges you are facing. 

 A reading can also provide a higher perspective as to why we chose a certain path, as well as deeper insight into challenging situations or relationships, while offering inspiration and new possibilities for the path ahead.


Hilary has over 20 years experience in intuitive reading, spiritual counseling, energy work, and the healing arts. Before completing the clairvoyant training and hands-on-healing programs at The Berkeley Psychic Institute, she studied massage, shiatsu, polarity therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and healing touch. Afterwards, she completed the BPI teacher’s program and went on to teach classes at both the Santa Rosa and Berkeley, CA locations and to offer healings at the women’s clinic. Here she developed a passion for assisting women on their healing journey. 

Additionally, Hilary brings a rich background of healing explorations to her work, including meditation, Non-duality, Shamanic work, dance and somatic awareness, dreamwork, Non Violent Communication, Internal Family Systems, male/female communication, and breathwork. She has studied with teachers as diverse as Katie Darling, Desda Zuckerman, Gay and Katherine Hendricks, Alison Armstrong, Adyashanti and her teacher of 9 years, Miranda Macpherson.

Hilary brings love, compassion, sensitivity, clarity, and a profound capacity for “deep listening” to every session she does. Her ever-present intention is to provide you with a safe space for healing, personal discovery and growth. 


Please feel free to contact Hilary with questions or to schedule a session. 

Call or text:  707-526-3802

Email:  hilary@sonic.net 

Website: https://hilary.earth/

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