Education & Training:

MA Degree in Humanistic Psychology: SSU (1984)

Licensed Minister: Church of Divine Man (1992 to Present)

Clairvoyant Program Graduate: BPI (1992)

Men’s Psychic Teacher Program: CDM (2002)

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Training (2006)

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training (2012)

Two-Year Trance Medium Training: Aesclepion (2007)

BS Degree in Engineering: UW Madison (1978)

About Michael

Hello, my name is Michael Neuert. As a counselor and spiritual advisor, I have over 40 years of training and experience in the fields of psychology, and spiritual growth.

My Education and Experience…

I received my Masters Degree in Humanistic Psychology in 1984.  I also have additional training and experience in the therapeutic models of Internal Family Systems (IFS, by Richard Schwartz) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC, by Marshall Rosenberg).

In 1992, I completed the Clairvoyant Training Program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Santa Rosa, California, and was ordained a lifetime minister with the Church of Divine Man.  It is my Minister’s License that gives me the legal authority to provide counseling services.

Spiritual Development…

For over 30 hears, I have been doing psychic readings and spiritual counseling with clients, as well as teaching group classes in meditation, healing, relationships, psychic protection, and spirit-to-spirit communication.

I was a teacher of the Meditation I & II, Healing I & II, Male Energy I & II, and Male-Female Communication classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) in Santa Rosa.  For several years I also led their House Healers Program, in which I took groups of psychics on-site to do spiritual readings and healings in client’s actual homes and offices. 

At BPI, I read with the women in the Psychic Midwife Program, in which we communicated with the beautiful spirits of the babies about to be born into the body.  At the Aesclepion Healing Center in San Rafael, I read with the hospice healers, communicating with the souls who were about to leave the body, or had recently passed.


In my counseling work for the last 30 years, the most common issue that people bring in, is either about problems with their relationship, or their desire to find a fulfilling relationship.  Relationships are one of the most important growth opportunities that we have as spirits.

Typically, my healing work with couples involves dealing with past traumas and old fears that are interfering with intimacy and communication.  When we become more aware of these old survival patterns (often ancestral), we can then face and heal ourselves with understanding and compassion – and experience a renewed sense of ease and fulfillment in our relationships. 

My Own Personal Journey…

Over the years, I have experienced my own big challenges with intimate relationships.  I apologize for any pain I have caused to others, out of my own fear, and lack of self-awareness.  As a human, I still make so many mistakes along the way.  But I am deeply thankful for the continued learning and personal growth that relationships provide to me in my life.

Today, I am immensely grateful for my marriage with Angela, the love of my life, and all that she contributes to my happiness – including the ongoing support, personal growth and life lessons that we share.  Both of us still feel like we have “won the love lottery!”  But actually, this is no accident.  We each had to do a tremendous amount of our own inner work to get to this place.

I am currently in the process of writing an inspirational “how to” book about the spiritual tools for healthy relationships.  I have learned that deep inner growth work (taking responsibility for your own actions and feelings) – combined with effective communication skills (such as NVC, IFS, and sending spiritual hellos) – are essential for a fulfilling modern relationship. 

EMF Engineering Career…

I also have a very down-to-earth practical side, and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Electrical Contractor’s License.  During the past 30 years, I’ve had dual careers: one as a part time spiritual counselor, and another as an engineer.

As an engineer, I started and operated two successful health consulting businesses – helping environmentally sensitive persons reduce EMFs (electromagnetic fields) in their homes and offices.  As of April 2022, except for some ongoing teaching work, I have completely retired from my EMF engineering work, to focus fully on my spiritual and counseling work.

Now Providing Counseling Services…

My present offerings include ongoing counseling sessions with clients who are working on a variety of issues – including relationships, health, money, career, purpose in life, as well as dealing with anxiety, fear, past traumas, negative thinking and other issues.

I feel honored, and filled with great awe, to work with so many individuals who are investing deeply in their lives – taking bold steps to own their own stuff and take back their own power!  It is truly inspiring to support and witness the transformational steps that are occurring.

My Counseling Approach…

My counseling approach is chiefly inspired by the therapy models of (1) Humanistic Psychology, the Self-Actualization Psychology by Abraham Maslow, (2) Internal Family Systems, or IFS by Richard Schwartz, and (3) Compassionate Communication, or NVC by Marshall Rosenberg.

And because I often “see” (psychically) the various spiritual energies and emotional “parts” that are affecting people, I can also offer insights about the particular energies, situations and people that might be affecting your own space and well-being.

Finding Your Own Answers…

My chief goal is always to support you in finding your own answers – to release the old negative programming and limiting beliefs from your own system – to bring in the sacred gold energy of your own true spirit – and awaken to your own true power and havingness as a human being.

Namaste, Rev Michael
(The spirit in me bows to the spirit in you.)

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