I am deeply moved by things. I’d hate to miss the intense joy of that.

Elaine N. Aron, Author of
The Highly Sensitive Person:
How to Thrive When the
World Overwhelms You



Make good boundaries your goal. They are your right, your responsibility.

Are You a Sensitive Soul?

Do you feel sensitive or reactive to other people, or to the world around you?  Are you affected by “energies” and things that most other people are less aware of?   Do you intuitively know that we humans are much, much more than just our physical bodies?  Are you a spiritual person?

Environmental Sensitivity…

Scientific studies show that about 20 percent of us have more sensitive nervous systems than other people.  As sensitive souls, we tend to be more sensitive to — and thus more adversely affected by — the stimulation from others and the environment around us. 

This can include a heightened sensitivity to certain foods, smells, sounds, chemicals and toxins, hot or cold temperatures, humidity, light and color, physical vibrations, electromagnetic fields, or other sensory inputs.

Are You Sensitive to Energy?  Are You an Empath?

Research studies show that these same sensitive individuals (both children and adults) are also more deeply aware of, and attuned to, other people’s feelings and needs. They demonstrate a stronger tendency for empathy, connection, care and understanding, than the average person.

And I believe that if researchers could test for psychic abilities, they would find that these same individuals are also more “intuitive.”  They have a stronger “sixth sense”.  In other words, they have more sensitivity to the spiritual energies of other people, and from the world around them. 

The Blessing, and the Curse…

As sensitive souls, we are more strongly affected by both the positive and negative energies around us.  The blessing is that we tend to have a deeper spiritual awareness, with enhanced abilities for empathy, connection and understanding.  The downside is that we may also have a greater tendency towards emotional troubles, relationship difficulties, boundary problems, health issues, burnout, anxiety, hypersensitivity, and other challenges.

The research shows that when sensitive individuals grow up in healthy supportive environments, they tend to thrive, and in fact, they excel beyond the usual norm.  But when sensitive people grow up in abusive or unsupportive environments, they tend to be relatively more depressed, troubled, or even addicted, than those who are not as sensitive.  The blessing, and the curse.

Support is Available…

Yes, today’s world can be very challenging if you are a sensitive soul.  Physically, emotionally and spiritually, we need to take regular extra steps to heal and nurture ourselves.  We need to (1) become more aware of the negative energies that affect us and hold us back, (2) release those problems and limiting beliefs from our personal space, and (3) reclaim our own deep truth, wisdom, self care, and life-force energy.

If you wish, I can provide intuitive guidance and counseling support regarding relationships, health, career, family, anxiety, trauma, big life decisions, and other concerns that arise in every day life.  I specialize in the use of Humanistic Psychology, NVC and IFS therapy models, as well as draw from my extensive experience as an intuitive reader and spiritual healer.

May you, and everyone you love, be blessed.


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