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Healing Physical Pain

By Michael Neuert, June 11, 2023

We can say yes to life, and discover the spiritual gifts within our pain. By getting more in touch with the deep needs of our true selves, we often can also bring relief to our physical symptoms.

Spiritual Healing of Physical Pain

Are you like me? When I experience prolonged physical pain, I can feel really, really miserable!

And you probably already know this yourself, that pain can be a symptom of something deeper going on inside us – blocked emotional energy, past or present traumas, emotional hurts, negative programming, limiting belief systems, other people’s energy, and much more.

Being a psychic reader/healer for over 30 years, working on the “dark energies” I often see in people’s bodies and auras when they report pain symptoms – as well as my own personal growth experiences with physical pain – has led me to see that “everything is energy”.

My Own Experience with Aches and Pains

Recently, I was having an unusual degree of aches and pains, on the right side of my body, especially in my right hip, knee and foot. This had been going on for weeks, and it was not only troubling me during the day, but was starting to make it difficult to sleep at night.

There was no obvious physical reason, such as an injury. The pain just seemed to come out of nowhere. I didn’t realize it till later, but there already was a big clue about what might be happening to me: the pain was all on my right side, my male side, and my ability to fully “step forward” into the masculine world of action.

After a couple weeks, on the worst pain day yet, I went to get a massage. But I found that the masseuse’s slightest gentle touch to my right foot was excruciatingly painful. I could feel the tightness deep inside my foot. It was scary to realize how tense my nerves and muscles had gotten, and that I could not relax them.

Suddenly a part of me just became curious. “What is all this holding and gripping and pain about anyways? There is some energy here! What is going on?” For the first time in weeks, I stopped resisting the pain. I just brought my breath and presence to it, without any judgment. I then became aware of something underneath my physical tension: FEAR.

Bodies Communicate through Symptoms

My spiritual teacher, Lewis Bostwick, used to say that your body communicates with you the spirit, via your emotions. And like in any relationship, if your spiritual self and your physical self are not listening to each other very well, there will be problems.

Unlike your car, your body is not just a physical, mechanical object. Your body is part of this amazing universe of spiritual energy and creative possibility. And one its most precious gifts, is that it can reflect and communicate with you about your deepest needs and true essence – things that your limited ego and rational mind can often simply not grasp directly.

This kind of tuning into your body’s core feelings is not so easy in our modern world. The norm is for you to experience a huge separation from your spiritual Self – from your true nature, from the part of you that actually gives life to your body – from you the spirit.

Pay Attention to the Warning Lights on the Dashboard

In the modern world, we tend to think that our body is who we are. But it’s only your vessel. Your body is no more “you”, than the car you drive is “you.” And the pains and symptoms in your body are like the warning lights on the dashboard of your car. They are telling you that something is up, something needs attention, something needs service!

When my body is in pain, I have learned that it is often trying to express something important. In this case, I ultimately discovered that I have some young parts inside that are very afraid of the steps I am taking to be bigger in my life. So while one part of me was trying to move forward and accomplish wonderful things, the physical pain in my body forced me to pay attention and listen to the parts of me in fear, that I had been avoiding.


During the massage, I eventually surrendered enough that I could just feel and witness the deep fears underlying my physical pain. And this connection to myself felt marvelous. To my surprise, after about 15 minutes, I suddenly realized that there was no more pain. It was gone. There was no more hurting at all, even when the masseuse pressed into my tissues.

As I write this, more than four days after I tuned in to my feelings of fear during the massage, I still have no more pain. It feels like a miracle. I the soul – the witness, the Self – had deeply connected with the fearful part of me that was causing the pain. My fear just needed to be heard, to be seen, to be witnessed.

Meeting Our Fears and Emotions

That dear frightened part of myself wasn’t really trying to hurt me, it was just trying to get my attention. Like a frightened child, it needed my help. Our pains and emotions need to be met, witnessed, connected, heard, considered, integrated, loved. Otherwise, our bodies may try to assist us by creating pain, forcing us to bring our attention back to our underlying unmet needs.

I don’t mean that it is easy deal with pain, or that we should wallow in the pain, or ask for more . Not at all. But if it is there, physical pain can be a great teacher about the deeper truth of who you really are, what you really need, and what you are really doing on this dear planet of ours.

I invite you to consider this possibility. The next time you experience a challenging situation with physical pain, try saying hello to it! Relax, be curious, witness, listen. There might actually be something very important that you need to hear. And if you get the message, you might no longer even need the pain.

I have used this “awareness” method successfully, many times over the years, to tune into the feelings underneath my pain, often getting results of great relief. And I know that you can too.

Be well, namaste.

CLASS EXERCISE – From the Live Worship with Michael on June 15, 2023

Step A. Use your imagination to create a YES/NO spiritual gauge, with NO as zero and YES as 100.

Step B. Choose a physical pain or emotional pain or other situation that you want to focus on that is causing you difficulty. It can be big or small.

Step C. Watch your psychic gauge as you ask it the following questions. Do not judge whatever answer you get, just witness it, and consider it:

  • Question #1 – Is this mainly a physical issue, with a mostly physical cause and solution?
  • Question #2 – Is this mainly an energy issue, like a blocked energy or someone else’s energy in your space?
  • Question #3 – Is this mainly an emotional issue, with a deep emotional cause and thus mostly needs an emotional solution?
  • Question #4 – Is there a message or communication for me from this pain – from this part of me that is in pain?

Step D. If the last answer was yes, ask your pain: “What do you want to tell me? What do I need to know, or feel, or sense?” Just watch and listen, and be open to whatever it might tell you. Don’t judge it. Just consider what it says, is this true?  Remember, you don’t have to agree with or do whatever it says. Sometimes the energy behind the pain just needs to be witnessed. If it feels authentic to you, thank your pain for the communication.

You can do this inquiry exercise for any type of pain:
emotional or spiritual.
Life is a process. Be well!
Namaste, Michael

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