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Psychic Readings and Spiritual Healings

Saying Hello to the Real You…

As you already know, you are so much more than just your physical body.  Whatever we call your true self – soul, spirit, life force, divine essence, God consciousness, the Atman – the real you is actually what fills your body with life.  If you pay attention, you can sense and feel this — both in yourself, and in the others around you.

So when the energies of pain, fear, trauma, negative belief systems, family programs, cultural and religious control, etc. pile up in and around your body, they reduce the flow of “you” – the dancing spirit within!  Your body no longer gets the spiritual message from your deep self that it absolutely needs to stay healthy: It’s safe now. It’s great to be alive! Let’s live and have fun! 

Caring for Yourself…

This shutting down of your life force can start out as dark or stuck or broken energy patterns that a psychic can see in and around your body.  Unchecked, it can drain your vitality, weaken your emotional well-being, wreck your relationships, suppress your immune system and even lead to physical dis-ease.

As sensitive souls, we are even more susceptible to these “negative effects” than other people.  We need to take special care to nurture and heal ourselves regularly — to release the old stuck energies of fear and judgment from our space, and get back into truth, clarity and wellness.

Tools for Your Well-Being…

Clairvoyant reading is simply the process of seeing these stuck energies, and communicating with you about them, to increase your awareness.  This knowledge initiates an amazing natural process within you — to release the unwanted energies, and get your own life force energy back.

Healing is the process of changing the spiritual energy around yourself, so that you and your physical body can communicate together, and work in harmony again.  You open up to the flow of your own spiritual life force, which brings more personal satisfaction, emotional vitality and physical health — as well as inspiration to continue on your chosen path.

You Can Heal Yourself…

We all need to nurture and heal ourselves regularly!  Life is supposed to be good!  Health is our true nature!  As one of my dearest teachers, the late Right Reverend Lewis Bostwick, founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, used to always tell us:

“Heal the spirit, and the spirit will heal the body.” 


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